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Building Your Own a Frame Sign

What started as a simple sign used for holding signs while hanging from a person’s shoulder or standing alone, A-frame signs have gained popularity because of the newly discovered versatility. Today we can see a frame signs in different places such as coffee shops and restaurants as menu holders, in car shops, in schools, in flower shops, etc. People have surely gone creative with this simple sign and you can too. Follow these simple steps to get you started:

1. First of course it to gather everything you will be needing to make an A frame sign such as particle boards, chains, hinges and screws. For the decorations, you can also get some paint, rubber foams, or a string of Christmas lights.

© menushop.co.uk

© menushop.co.uk

2. Next you have to align your particle boards and try and place the hinges between them to estimate the space you have to put before drilling. When you are happy with the positioning, it is time to drill the holes on the particle boards and attach the hinges to the holes.

3. Determine the length of your A-frame signs. To do this you should let your particle boards stand up and adjust the angle between them until you are happy. Mark the length at which you want to cut them.

4. Cut the particle board.

5. To make sure that your A-frame signs maintain its angle and is sturdy, you need to put a chain in between the particle boards. To do this, you should again set-up your particle board with the desired angle. It is better to ask for an extra pair of hands for this step as you need to make sure to attach the right length of cord to both sides to avoid the frame from being wobbly.

6. Now you have the basic frame for your sign.

7. It is time to paint your board to make it more beautiful. Some people use wood paint to paint their particle boards. Another popular technique to boost your particle board is to use a black chalkboard paint so you can use it as a board to write anything down. From menu, to sale items to even messages to passers-by.

See, creating your own A frame is just as easy as one two three. You just have to be patient and let your imagination run wild. Now that you have your own A-frame signs, go make some more for your friends and relatives.

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