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Benefits of Integrating your Accounting Software into a CRM system

In a company, transparency is key to maintaining good employee and client relations. Integrated accounting software such as MYOB and CRM goes a long way in ensuring that at least where your accounts are concerned, transparency and trust are maintained. Having a single software system that integrates your accounts with the CRM data will enhance communication between departments and the ease of access this provides this provides to all your employees when it comes to knowing the state of their accounts and accounting is unmatched.

The traditional siloed accounting structure and its drawbacks

A siloed structure is the term used for the traditional type of software applications used by big growth companies for their accounting needs. The applications are multi layered and access is restricted at each layer to only some select employees. This type of structure can cause many problems and the challenges that arise from this can become as severe as to cripple growth.  Some of the common problems that arise through this system are:

Reduced employee productivity

A long drawn out accounting process reduces employee productivity and your employees are always concerned with invoice filling and expense approvals and spend less time on their core duties. A new employee would always be at the top of his productivity levels but as these other aspects of the task eat into his time, his productivity levels will drop off.

No real-time access to the system

When accounting systems are multi layered and hard to access, there is no real-time knowledge of the system and employees and clients cannot get an easy view of the system processes in one go.