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Benefits of Company Branded Pens

Company branded pens are an effective PR tool for brand image enhancement. Since pens are one of the most movable and useful types of company merchandise they have multiple uses. Learn how you can use the immense power contained in these simple pieces of writing tools. Investing in marking pens as a marketing tool is one of the best things you can do to enhance your brand image.

Low cost of investment

Unlike other expensive items like stylo pens, USB chips or metal flasks, pens require very low investment on part of the company. There are lots of pen vendors who offer to print the promotional info on the pens for free if you order in bulk.

Of course the cost is going to increase if you opt for using branded pens but you will justify your budget since your target audience will retain the pens for a long time. When you calculate the multiple usages and the high shelf life of pens you will understand how cost effective your investment is.

Powerful business connect

The biggest advantage of branded pens is that they present a unique opportunity to establish a strong business connection. Pens can be likened to walking mini billboards. An important part of trying to build a brand is that word should be spread quickly about the nature of the business and it’s USP. With a pen not only will target customers see your message but the business proposition will be immediately apparent to friends, relatives, families and business associates who might chance to see the pen. Because of the universal utility of marking pens there is a strong chance that many more people will end up using it.