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Beginners Body Building Workouts

Draw the dumbbell up to the level of your chest while keeping your back very straight and in a rigid position. Your left palm that is holding the dumbbell should be pointed towards the bench. Hold for a few seconds and lower the dumbbell while inhaling slowly. Return to initial position, change sides of the bench and your arm and repeat.


To do crunches, lie on your back on the floor and place both the hands against either side of your head. Do not interlock the fingers and keep your elbows pointed inwards. Exhale slowly and contract your abdominal muscles as you lift your head off the floor.

Lift only your head and shoulders while the back remains planted on the floor. Hold the contraction of abdominal muscles for a few seconds. Inhale gently as you lower your head and shoulders back to the initial position. For a more comfortable workout, use a gym equipment that is meant for abdominal crunches. Check out 24 hour gym in Adelaide


This is another effective body building exercise for beginners that help to develop the back muscles. To do this, lie on any hyperextension bench and tuck your ankles firmly beneath the footpads. Start by adjusting the upper pad so that the upper thighs lie in a flat position across the pads allowing you to bend easily at the waist.

Cross your arms behind your head and start bending at the waist while keeping the back as straight as possible. Never hold the back in a rounded position as this will destroy the very purpose of this exercise. Go as far as possible without straining yourself and then return slowly to initial position. Take Body Building Supplements in your daily diet for better results.