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Bathtub Drain – A Guide

Like kitchen sinks and other plumbing works, your bathtub too can give you trouble since bathroom is one of the most used area in your home. But you are probably not that familiar with or concerned about your bathtub drain as it causes less headache than pipes and drains. However, your bathtub may one day become unable to hold water or the water flow may back up. If this happened, call a professional plumber  right away.


The only difference between a pop up drain and a plunger drain is the absence of a visible stopper in the plunger. Otherwise, the plunger’s functions are almost similar to those of a pop up drain’s. There is a trip lever which moves a concealed plunger to close and open the drain in the bathtub. For professional plumbing service, contact the emergency plumber Sydney.

Pop Up

The stopper in the bathtub is lowered and raised by a trip lever in a pop up drain. There is a rocker arm for closing and opening the drain. A spring is attached to this rocker. The spring and lever are attached together. When you push the lever down, the bathtub stopper will close. To open the stopper, you have to pull up the lever.

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Lift and Turn

A lift and turn drain functions with the help of a stopper with a cover that has a small knob. Lift up the stopper and the drain will open. To lock it back into place, you have to twist it sufficiently. If you want to close the stopper, you have to twist the stopper in the opposite way. This will unlock it and will allow it to fall back into place.

Furthermore, if in case that you encounter plumbing issues like a leaking toilet, contact a professional plumbers Brisbane.

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