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Basic Points to Keep in Mind for Web Designing

Designing a website requires creative and technical background. The web designer has to be well versed with the guidelines and have an idea of creating an attractive website.  This depends on the visitors who will be visiting your website and the job of the web designer is to create a user friendly website which helps them to navigate through easily and get the right information. Some basic points that can help the designer to create a good website are as follows.

Plan your site

Planning the site is important for the web designer as he or she can organize the information appropriately. They must lay out the web page design or architecture which they are trying to implement and this depends on what they would like to accomplish which can help them plan the site in a better way.


A web designer must make a consistent website where the background color, font size, images must look consistent. If the website is being divided into end number of pages, then the color scheme and navigational tools should be designed in a consistent manner.


The framework should be decided well by the web designer as it is vital for communication. You must think about how will the user interact will the floating tabs, isometric map or narration information is important or not. Present the work systematically, in a step by step process, make a story so the user can think what is the though behind each action and component. You can make the images fly across but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on elegance