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Basic Facts You Should Know About Drug Consumption

When it comes to illegal drugs, it’s very difficult to correctly understand the specific dosage and strength. Likewise it’s difficult to say how and to what extent an individuals’ driving sense will be affected. If drugs are consumed with alcohol, the ill effects are multiplied. It’s your duty as a good human being and a responsible citizen to abstain from the use of illegal drugs.

The time period for which the drugs remain inside the system of an individual will depend on factors like dosage of drug, combination with other substances and the persons’ physiological condition and metabolism.

Ways in which drugs work

Drugs systematically increase the reaction time and the driver is unable to react suitably in an emergency situation. Takings drugs cloud the thinking process so it’s difficult for the driver to multitask which in turn makes it difficult to drive.

The third and most dangerous effect is a distorted sense of time and space which increases the chances of serious accidents while drug driving charges upto 60%. Psychologically some drugs produce a false sense of overconfidence which provokes even the most prudent of drivers to take rash decisions.

When the drug starts to wear off the body feels abnormally tired and fatigued as the body reacts against the withdrawal of the stimulant. Most people who consume drugs react quite unlike any sane person and this I what makes them a danger to themselves and to others especially when driving.

Using drugs are prohibited most especially when you drive a vehicle as this will cause you a road accident.