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Article Writing Service

Today you can buy and sell practically everything from baby booties to pickup trucks on the internet. E-commerce is booming and you too can leverage it to your advantage by indirectly promoting your products or services through informative and well-written articles posted on the internet. Affiliate marketers too use article marketing to channelize business to their sites. Articles also contain links which help the reader to connect with your actual business site. Such backlinks increase a website’s rankings on search pages and help generate more traffic to your site, thus ensuring better success for your online business venture.

What is article marketing?

Article marketing includes article writing services and is an effective, simple and legitimate strategy to stimulate your online marketing ventures.  Suppose you want to promote your moulded furniture business through the internet. You can write an informative and engaging article on moulded furniture; its advantages, its price range, options available; and provide a link to your business page at the end of the article and post it on the net.

If viewers find your article interesting and authoritative, they are likely to follow the link and visit your website too. Article writing can thus subtly yet effectively promote your products, services, blogs or websites on the internet and influence the prospective consumers into becoming your confirmed customer.

How to write a good article

The title of your article is instrumental in influencing visitors to read it. Keep the title short, crisp and focused. It should give the viewer an overview of what the article contains within three or four words. Use the same keywords in your title and in your article to highlight the product or service that you are publicizing through article marketing. In the above example for moulded furniture, if ‘moulded furniture’ is your keyword, then this should appear at regular intervals in the body copy of your article. Search engines pick up those keywords and guide people towards your article.

Since the average length of an article is about 250 to 500 words, prioritize the facts by putting the most important information at the beginning followed by other relevant details. Article marketing is all about holding your reader’s attention; so make your article as informative as possible. Since people are going to take decisions after reading your article, research thoroughly before putting up any information or instruction. Plan out a rough sketch of the points and expand gradually. Ensure that the title of your article is consistent with the content. Intersperse your article with personal experiences and anecdotes to add a personal touch.

End your article by adding an invitation for your readers urging them to connect to the link in the resource box for further information. Before finishing off, complete the resource box which should have your name or the name of the affiliate, the website link and the elevator pitch (a short yet precise description about your venture) . Add a few lines elaborating your competence in your chosen field, to make your article look accurate and dependable.

Where to submit your article?

There are numerous online article marketing service directories like ezinearticles, articlesbase, squidoo, ehow, where you can submit your finished article. You can also look for directories catering to specific fields or areas pertaining to your business interest. Submitting your articles to such categorized directories would increase the visibility of your article in search engine pages.

Self-written vs outsourced articles

Though writing an article about your own product or business sounds quite easy, in reality it is not so. The internet is teeming with similar articles out to grab the eyeballs of surfers and you need that professional touch to make your article stand out. Not everybody is a born writer and if you want your article to work towards generating business for you, it should make for interesting reading with catchy lines and interesting phrasing.
Hire the services of a competent article writing service for this purpose. An article writing service has professional, expert writers from various fields on its panel who have the knowledge, expertise and experience to write attractive and elucidative articles for your business. Many content writing companies can also distribute your article to article directories for a small fee to enhance your business prospects.