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All You Need to Know About the Roof Restoration

Every house needs to have a good roof at all times. Rain water leakages will damage the ceiling, wooden floors, furniture that it comes to contact with and possibly even the electrical wiring of the house. In addition to the cost nightmare, the inconvenience of having a water damaged house can be very stressful.


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Further to that, a damaged roof will also compromise the house’s insulation from the other elements during summer and winter. Heating costs will unusually be higher during winter because of the cold air seeping through the damaged roof and air conditioning bills will hit the roof during summer because of the intrusion of hot air.

To avoid the inconveniences caused by damaged roofs, it is best to have it regularly inspected. Neglect may result to heavy damages making expensive replacements inevitable. Regular inspections and roof restoration is therefore, highly recommended.

Inspection and Repair

Roof restoration experts normally conduct visual inspection of the entire area and clean whatever is needed to be cleaned. In this process, it is common to use spatulas, soft copper brushes and high pressure hoses that will loosen and remove stubborn dirt. The roof is given ample time to dry and the next step is the removal and repair of loose tiles and/or any other damaged parts. At this stage, the roof ridges are also inspected, repaired and repointed.

Protective Coats

When the repairs have been done, Roof restoration experts apply a protective coating. This is intended to prevent algae growth that will soften and damage the roof overtime. Algae covered roofing is also very unpleasant to the eyes and lowers the perceived market value of the property. The protective coating applied is normally composed of anti- algae and anti-fungal chemicals that are specially formulated for that purpose.

Bonding Agent

Over time, roof tiles loosen due to constant exposure to the harsh weather changes. Summer heat dries the roof tiles but rain and moisture eventually seeps back making it soft and vulnerable to damage. Roof restoration specialists use a bonding agent all over the roof to enhance the bond between roof tiles. This undoubtedly prolongs the shelf life of the entire roof.

Clear Coats

As an added protection, roof restoration experts spray a few layers of clear membrane to protect the tiles from harsh weather. The clear coats are very durable that it resists scratches from simple abrasives. This clear coat is similar to aftermarket chemicals applied to automobiles aimed at resisting paint scratches. Some people swear that they have tried scratching their car paints with car keys and the paint held. This is probably because the clear coats, which are invisible to the human eye, were the only layers to get scratched. And since the coating cannot be seen, the scratches remained invisible.

Save yourself from headaches caused by damaged roofing, consult roof restoration Brisbane experts at the soonest possible time. Most of them give free inspections and cost estimates. It will also enable you to prepare for the next roof repair.