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A Guide to Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashbacks

For a long time, kitchen splashbacks were those sad looking tiles behind your kitchen counter that you installed to protect your walls and never paid a second thought to. But of late, new design styles have come out in the market which can help you enhance the look and feel of your kitchen by installing custom made kitchen splashbacks in different materials like stone, glass, and acrylic. If you are a fan of the minimalistic look, then a stainless steel splashback is the perfect fit for your kitchen.

What are stainless steel splashbacks?

As the name suggests, these splashbacks are made out of stainless steel and are placed behind stoves, hobs, and sinks to prevent the wall form getting stained by grease or oil. This is an ideal splashback if you are using a deep fryer.  A relatively new concept in kitchen décor, stainless steel splashbacks are a much better option than traditional splashbacks as they require very low maintenance and are highly stain resistant.

The glass kitchen splashbacks shop offers a wide variety of beautiful glass splashbacks. This type of splashback are extremely easy to clean.

Benefits and features

Stainless steel splashbacks can be custom made or bought in pre-fabricated sizes. They provide an easy to clean surface and are much more stain and water resistant than other materials. They are also resistant to fire. These kitchen splashbacks come in various finishes ranging from brushed steel and black steel to bespoke splashbacks.

The manufacturing techniques used ensure that the surface of the splashback is shiny and cleans with just a gentle swipe. Moreover, these splashbacks are very easy to install and can be directly attached to plasterboard or existing tile surfaces with a proper adhesive.

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