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A Guide to Shipping Fragile Products from USA to Australia

Fragile items are naturally prone to damage and breakage during shipping. And when the shipping distance is something as huge as between the US and Australia, you must be extra careful about the way you pack your consignment. The package will be handled by several sea freight companies and not all of them take special care of fragile items. It is in your hands to ensure the safety of fragile products so that they reach their destination in good condition. After all, when you are paying so much for buying an expensive and delicate item, you must pack it extra carefully so that it does not break during shipping.

Wrapping the Actual Item

Wrap your fragile item in brown paper or a similarly tough paper till it is completely covered. If you have enough paper, wrap it around the article twice or thrice. Next, wrap a layer of bubble wrap all around the packed item. Secure the ends of the bubble wrap with masking tape. Place a sticker with the recipient’s name and address (along with yours) on the bubble wrap. This will ensure that the package will reach its destination or revert back to you in case the outer box is damaged during journey.

Lining your Packing Box

Once you have finished wrapping, take a packing box of suitable size and place the packet inside it. The box selected must not be too big as you will need a lot of padding all around. This will unnecessarily increase the weight of your consignment and hence the shipping costs. The box should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the article and also withstand the rigours of the long shipment process.

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