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A Guide to Planning a Vintage Wedding

A wedding is a celebration to be cherished for a lifetime; after all it is the start of a very important phase in your life together with your loved one. Now the big question arises about planning your wedding ceremony. Most of the people nowadays prefer the wedding ceremony to be a close knit event and would love to showcase anything relevant to their family or historical background.

A vintage wedding is a great way to achieve this and the biggest advantage is that vintage weddings are never a thing of the past. Engaging wedding planners will help you get the right atmosphere for your vintage wedding as the planning will definitely need the help of an expert.

The two broad categories of a vintage wedding encompass rustic vintage style and the classic vintage style.

Rustic Vintage Style Wedding

A rustic vintage style utilizes your backyard, lawn, barn or any childhood memories as your wedding venue. A good combination of these will help you and your guests go back in time and relive the homely warm feeling of lazy afternoons spent sipping tea, or the extended family enjoying a picnic together with homemade delights and activities.

Include homemade and handmade things in your d├ęcor and food menu. You could include some homemade chutney, some windmills which are handcrafted, ribbon wands, pom-poms made of paper.

The wedding furniture should be apt with the surroundings by using the natural things for creating the setting as far as possible. Velvet couches and classic furniture can be chosen to seat the guests. The ceremony and aisle should blend well with the setting and not contrast to it.

Use wicker baskets laden with seasonal fruits and flowers to decorate the surroundings. The wedding cake can be home made which can include a lot of seasonal fruit flavours and locally available fresh cream.

Homemade return gifts can be chosen to help the guests recollect the event for a long time.