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A Guide to Dog Food

Dogs are man’s best friend. They help us keep the burglars from our home. Your pet dog requires proper nutrition and routine exercise to stay healthy and active. Just like us,  there are various dog foods available to fulfill the requirements of your dog. However, there are several questions that crop up in your mind as to what to be feed, what not to feed, how much to feed and also how many times to feed your dog. Here are the guidelines to help you answer the above questions:

What not to feed?

There are certain foods which should not be fed to your dog as they may adversely affect your dog and even cause death. Chocolates, raisins, garlics, onions and alcohols should never be fed to your dog as they may be fatal to your dog.

How many times to feed?

The puppy’s just like kids require smaller portions of food many times a day. Ideally, puppy up to the age of 3 months should be fed 4 times a day, between the age of 3 to 6 months should be fed thrice a day and between the age of 6 -12 months to be fed twice a day.

However, there are various opinions on feeding your dog aged above one year. Some Vet advise feeding the dog once, however, other suggest feeding twice a day throughout their lives. Feeding once may cause bloating in some dogs which can be fatal. Also with age, the activity level goes down and metabolism also slows down, hence increased chances of bloating.