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A Guide to Choosing Skate Boarding Wheels

Skate boarding is an interesting outdoor activity. The shape and size of the skate board wheels goes a long way in determining the speed and manoeuvring capacity of the skater. The following factors can guide you to choose the perfect wheels for your skate set up.

Use of materials

The wheels of a skateboard are made of Polyurethane (PU). The PU wheels came into existence in the 1970s. It revolutionized the world of skating. Previously, metal wheels were more in vogue.  The skaters were earnestly looking for a change.

This new material provided resistance to abrasion and durability. The entire skating experience underwent a change. Moreover the manufacturing cost of the Polyurethane wheels is quite less. So it will not make a large dent in your pocket. Ratings is an also an important aspect of skate boarding.


The size of the wheels determines your board’s speed, rate of acceleration and manoeuvring skills. Bigger wheels would help you to glide faster but will prevent   you to take sharp turns. You can enjoy power slides and blunts with smaller wheels.

Wheels with a diameter of 55 to 65 millimetres are suggested if you like to ride vert. If you are an all rounder then you must stick to a range of 52 to 60 millimetres. Choose larger wheels if you enjoy longboards. A wheel with a range of 64 to 75 millimetres can give you both speed and stability.

Skate boarding is fun. Selecting the right pair of wheels will help you to enjoy the game fully.

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