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A Guide to Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycle accidents can occur on the road anytime and at any place. It may involve a bicycle and a car, or a motor bike or a road surface. These accidents result generally due to lack of attention, not signalling correctly or opening the car doors without checking. If proper protection like bicycle helmet is not worn, the injuries sustained could be of severe nature. In such circumstances filing a personal injury case is a must to recover the losses due to personal trauma, medical costs and economic costs.

Report the accident to the nearest police available. Then approach a doctor or a hospital for getting your injuries treated and recorded. A personal injury specialist should be consulted in case the injuries are of severe nature.

Consult Personal Injury Lawyers to know more about how to claim with regard to the injuries sustained especially if the injury in an ongoing one and causing an impediment to your routine tasks. They will help you recover financial, medical and personal losses incurred due to the accident. As bicycle riders are generally not insured, they can ask for the legal fees to be recovered as well.

The Transport Accident Committee (TAC) covers accidents involving cars, trams, motor bikes and cyclists as well under a no-fault scheme. This means that even if you are the cause for the accident, still you can make a claim. TAC can pay you a compensation only if

  • your vehicle has been registered in the state of Victoria
  • you are a resident of Victoria
  • the accident has taken place in Victoria

Drug driving is one of the common factors why there are lots of road accidents.