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A Few Common Benefits of Medical Sheepskins

When you are ill, convalescing or are confined to the bed or a chair because of immobility or limited mobility, not only is it distressing and physically uncomfortable, you may even develop pressure sores, pressure ulcers or bed sores – an extremely painful condition.

The shiny red blisters on your skin can often deteriorate and degenerate into open sores causing life threatening infections. Medical sheepskins are supposed to prevent and minimise the primary reasons for friction, pressure and bed sores.

Reduction of Body Pressure

The wool fibres that make up a medical sheepskin are resilient, springy, soft and very dense. As a result, these sheepskins can effectively minimise body pressure at various points of contact. The pressure at the vulnerable pressure points is relieved and distributed due to the cushioning support offered by the softness of the sheepskin.

The low friction coefficient of the wool fibres ensures a smooth and soft surface that minimises strain on the skin of the patient. It also reduces the shear forces of the tissues lying underneath. The fabric is breathable as it allows air to pass freely, so it doesn’t feel hot on the skin. Affordable Medical sheep skins car seat covers offer superior support to your entire body.

Reduces Pressure Sores

The lamb’s tanned skin holds each of the individual wool fibres intact. This feature increases the medical benefits and value of the sheep skin. If the sheep skin is laid out on a patient’s bed and the patient sleeps on it, the soothing effect of the medical sheepskin can effectively minimise moisture, friction and pressure. These are the prime culprits behind pressure sores.