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Whether you are the owner of an up and running business which needs a push or you are starting up a new venture, you will know that your business will succeed – and so will you – only if you find the right customers. Customers are the backbone of any business.

Gibtown Records Business Services will help you in finding the right customers for your business enterprise.

Target Market – KYC

KYC or Know Your Customer is not just a term on a form in a bank. It has a real meaning. As the owner of a business, you should know which segment of society will buy your product or service and most of your efforts at sales should be targeted at this segment. To know your customer:


  • Identify the economic – income bracket your target segment falls in
  • Identify the means of communication with this segment – Lower income groups will not surf the net to find a product of their choice.
  • Design your marketing strategy to target this group – advertise intensively in local news papers to target the local people.


Business Services will help you conduct market research, not only to find out which segment of society you should target but also to find out exactly what the customer wants. You can then make necessary changes in your product or service based on public demand. It makes no sense to try and sell what your customer does not want.

Learn from your Customer

No matter which business you are in, you will surely face competition. There will be those who have done this better or differently in the past and there will be those who will now be trying to out do you. When your customers start filtering in, ask them what they want. Learn from them what the competition is offering. Adjust your business strategies to suit the needs of your customers.

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